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Re: Buildds configuration and admins

On Thu, Jun 28, 2007 at 07:39:38PM +0200, Luk Claes wrote:

> > A first, quick overview, which lacks oldstable:
> Thanks. What do the 't' and 'f' mean in the table?

The boolean fields in the DB (f = false, t = true). 

> > I would be interested in keeping the database on buildd.net uptodate as well
> > (http://unstable.buildd.net/index-m68k.html), so if anything of the above is
> > wrong or missing, keep me updated as well, please.
> Is the above table available on http://unstable.buildd.net?

Not directly, but the pages (unstable.buildd.net, experimental.b.n, ... )
are built from that database table.  

> > If there's need, release team can have direct access to the Buildd.Net
> > database. I still need to add etch-m68k and sarge-bpo/sarge-volatile to
> > Buildd.Net. 
> I guess that would only make sense when the table above is not available
> http://unstable.buildd.net, but thanks anyway.

See above. Most of the information is hidden in the DB and some parts are
accessible via the website. I guess that one can extract much more data from
the database than I currently do. 

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