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Buildds configuration and admins


As Release Team we would like to know for each buildd on what host it is
running, who is(are) the buildd admin(s), who is the local admin and for what
suites is the buildd configured. To make things more clear, I'll put a fictive
example below:

hostname: foo.debian.org
architecture: m68k
buildd admin(s): John Doe <bar@debian.org>
local admin: Jane Baz <baz@foobar.com>
configured suites: experimental, unstable, testing, testing-security

Can you please provide us this information? Feel free to provide it in
whatever parseable format or whatever access method. Thanks in advance.

Currently we are obviously most interested in the m68k buildds for oldstable
and oldstable-security. Though info about the other buildds would also be


Release Team

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