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Re: Buildds configuration and admins

Michael Schmitz wrote:
>> Hi
>> As Release Team we would like to know for each buildd on what host it is
>> running, who is(are) the buildd admin(s), who is the local admin and for what
>> suites is the buildd configured. To make things more clear, I'll put a fictive
>> example below:
>> hostname: foo.debian.org
>> architecture: m68k
>> buildd admin(s): John Doe <bar@debian.org>
>> local admin: Jane Baz <baz@foobar.com>
>> configured suites: experimental, unstable, testing, testing-security
>> Can you please provide us this information? Feel free to provide it in
>> whatever parseable format or whatever access method. Thanks in advance.
>> Currently we are obviously most interested in the m68k buildds for oldstable
>> and oldstable-security. Though info about the other buildds would also be
>> appreciated.
> Here's my list:


> Note2: crest, kullervo and q650 are currently hosted at the bioinformatics
> group at biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de. According to current schedule, their
> whole computer installation there will need to relocate to a new room
> sometime this October (meaning downtimes). I need to negotiate terms of
> this relocation with my colleagues there, as I'm not going to be in
> Duesseldorf past August. hobbes is going to relocate with me, this will
> incur two months of downtime at least. If we get washi fully automated,
> you should not notice a large backlog.

Good to know already, thanks for sharing.



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