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Re: missing __init_array_start, __init_array_end in __libc_csu_init

> > We can try to build a pre-2.17cvs version on sid, right? I'll try that on
> > washi ...
> That's the conclusion I came to also.

washi is acting up; won't upgrade binutils beyond -2 :-( I'll see where I
get on this.

> It looks like from #428582 that the xulrunner problem might be gcc.

Not very similar to the MIPS case (relocation truncated to fit means the
relocation offset got too big. hidden symbol readline missing suggests
something else (-lreadline was in the command line as the very last
library; maybe it was't really searched for any symbols? Something broken
with the -Wl,--as-needed option??)

icedove hit the same snag FWIW.


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