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Re: Fwd: mac status, was Re: time setting on 950

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 10:03:32PM -0700, Brian Morris wrote:

> I was hoping someone knew how to make just the template for jigdo,
> because that uses the ordinary mirrors and is supposed to replace
> images anyway. on the other hand, there is currently it seems no
> way to make custom cd, so maybe the local mirror is best.

You should probably ask on debian-cd, since that's where the cd 
experts are. :)

> I don't mind too much waiting a few months to upgrade, there are
> still in my areas anyway bugs/regressions (including the one I just
> mentioned) which might clear up in a security update. Although may
> it would help to have some more testing of etch for 68k, to show
> it is OK it could then be reinstated officially (ha, ha) ??

I'm not even sure what a security update would look like yet. We might
just add them directly to etch-m68k eiter that or we'll have to get a 
suite and access setup for us on security-master.

Of course, we'll have to start with tracking security and
proposed-updates (and the original etch differences) first.



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