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Re: Fwd: mac status, was Re: time setting on 950

On 4/30/07, ljmoore@wightman.ca <ljmoore@wightman.ca> wrote:
On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 10:56:31PM -0700, Brian Morris wrote:
> _________
> one more comment on RAM
> i think 32MB is that OK ? i found that sarge could boot with
> 20 but it was not happy. to run emacs (xemacs = better) say.
> i think i need at least 64 for etch, bare minimum.
> brian

with 24 meg and adequate swap on a Q610, etch-m68k runs in terminal
mode but I'm having challenges getting xorg to run. You probably are ok
using 2.6.18-4-mac with etch with 32Meg

Well i kinda doubt it. Actually i am not sure I was ok  with Sarge
with 32MB even though it worked better than with 20.

its not swapping, rather more like the opposite. its haveing sufficient
free RAM for caching. as a general thing. also in emacs it tells you
it is garbage collecting (that means it is short on memory and
spending more time managing it).

Are you setting up something like a thin client, only Xserver and
running xclients from an server ?  Anyway you might try running
it in black and white if you can (1-bit). I think if you set it to that
in macos before penguin then it will initialize the framebuffer as
1-bit. I had set up xorg upgrading from xfree on 3 powermac and
it never worked straight away i always tell people you have
to fiddle with the xorg.conf (may help comparing to old XF86config)

But if you had a little more RAM you could at least eliminate it
as a possible source of difficulty. What kind of machine do you have ?
does it have more than one RAM slot ? I might have some spares if
not now then in the near future (it sounds like if you have 24 in
it now you must have two slots ??)


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