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Re: Fwd: mac status, was Re: time setting on 950

On Sun, 29 Apr 2007, Brian Morris wrote:

> hi,
> i think an alternative to ntpdate:
> date -s "`rsh $buildhost date`"
> where buildhost is your nfs/ distcc server, or whatever. then you can 
> sync clocks on your local net, at least.

If you have ntpd running on $buildhost, you could also do
ntpdate -b $buildhost 

> _______
> also, i looked at those status pages. one note: i have experience
> the machine will not shutdown or halt, but hangs.
> this is more annoying on the quadra630 which has no off switch, the only 
> way to stop it is to reboot into macos. but my performa475/quadra605 can 
> be switch off (i have not tested etch there yet).

There was an old version of one of my IRQ patches that would hang the 
NuBus when a slot driver (e.g. SONIC) was closed. Since the IDE interrupt 
is also on a NuBus slot, this would lock up the shutdown process. It won't 
affect SCSI machines in the same way.

My 630 had the problem too. I fixed the problem, but I don't know which 
patches are in the debian kernel. You could try this 2.6.20 kernel 


> i do not experience the clock problem forcing fsck. this only happen if 
> people have ext3 on their root partition ? anyway i have a single debian 
> partition of ext2 and i don't get fsck every time. i only use ext3 when 
> i have a separate partion for more room such as home or source. the 
> story on ppc list was debian reccomends against ext3 root (or anything 
> other than ext2).
> ________
> one question:
> so if sonic driver is ok now, would that be a better / faster one than 
> the Asante or Farollon chips. have one asante card now, between two 
> machines. could buy a sonic. costs a little bit more.

Either one should work fine, but I would expect the SONIC driver to be 
marginally faster since it uses a zero-copy algorithm.

> _________
> one more comment on RAM
> i think 32MB is that OK ? i found that sarge could boot with 20 but it 
> was not happy. to run emacs (xemacs = better) say.
> i think i need at least 64 for etch, bare minimum.

Did you try it with 32 MB? I haven't installed etch yet...


> brian

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