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Kernel 2.6.20 built on AMIGA 2000/2060


I case someone is interested, I'd like to report that I managed to build version 2.6.20 of the kernel on my AMIGA 2000 (Blizzard 2060, 96 MB Fast-RAM), and that I can boot from it.


* I used the source downloaded from <http://linux-m68k-cvs.ubb.ca> about two weeks ago.

* The cirrusfb (needed for my Picasso-II) still does not work: The driver is registered, but then nothing more happens. I am going to try to figure out what is going on there.

* It is not possible to compile without modules, because the module_fixup() is always called in /arch/m68k/mm/motorola.c, but defined in arch/m68k/kernel/module.c, which is only linked if module support is compiled in.
If the function call is commented out, the kernel compiles without kernel support, but hangs during boot with no graphics or HDD accesses.
So I compiled with module support, but did not config any parts as modules.

* The kernel keeps complaining about the system map: "cannot find map file", although it is there in /boot and always installed together with the linuz file after each compile...
This might be related to the naming of the kernel custom versions.

The basics seems to work--I can ftp (but w3m from Sarge quits with a complaint about "Speicherzugriffsverletzung"), access hard drives, and so.
But, I have not done a lot of testing, and some problems may be a result of me making bad config choices...

Perhaps I should add that I have a Sarge 3.1r5 system normally running with a custom-compiled kernel version 2.4.27.

Christer Oldhoff
Email: coldhoff@swipnet.se

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