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Re: James & me @ FOSDEM talking about m68k

> > So you want to bypass testing altogether, and instead upload to etch-m68k?
> Yes.
> The main problem with having our own "testing", as I see it, is syncing
> with the testing that already exists, and still being able to do
> sourceful uploads that are required for our arch-specific bugfixes. If
> we build a stable that's, uh, "etched" (no pun intended) on a stable
> release, whereby we upload fixes for m68k-specific bugs using sourceful
> uploads (if necessary), I think that'd be way easier to accomplish. No?

Now that testing has stopped to be a moving target (or has'nt it?) a
testing source fix would probably require rebuilding on other archs
instead of letting a fix migrate in. I didn't consider that. I was hoping
we could get an installable archive by rebuilding missing packages with
the current, much improved toolchain.

OTOH, the changes necessary for permitting source uploads to etch-m68k
could be done for testing-m68k as well. But if we can do it for etch
directly, why bother with testing ... OK, if that's the plan, you have me


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