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building perl6 (parrot and pugs) on Debian4.0

hi, i have build parrot and pugs this weekend from the CPAN tarballs on my
550mhz ppc debian etch system

i used no other upstream sources than CPAN. although there were some
hassles getting the modules all downloaded and install that needed for the perl5
support part, the debian packages provided an adequate base for the build.

in particular the ghc6 and supporting packages worked to build pugs (the perl6
interpreter based on ghc and perl5 and parrot).

anybody else feel like trying this who has the cpu cycles to spare ?

i think the low water requirement for ram would be around 180MB at least.

it was a good test of the new system. this is apha software. but they have
a huge "smoke test" suite for pugs that i ran and it showed my results are
100% in relation to known status. there are a lot of holes but it appears that
things are happening with perl6.

it could be put into a deb package. i wouldn't mind having a binary for my
68k system (it would run in 64mB i think even though it would not build).

if anybody will try and/or wants to know dependencies, let me know.


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