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Re: Building a new kernel

> > I don't think we have Multiface III serial port support anymore. While the
> > config symbol MULTIFACE_III_TTY still exists, the actual driver source file
> > (drivers/char/ser_mfc.c) seems to have vanished after 2.2.
> >
> Is this the source code for the card?
> http://www.srcdoc.com/linux_2.2.26/ser__mfc_8c-source.html
> http://www.srcdoc.com/linux_2.2.26/multiface_8h-source.html
> How hard will it be to get it back into the system? (I'm not a programmer,
> just someone that wants to use the card for what it's designed for)

Depends on how close to the generic serial driver model the multiface
driver was at that time. To get a rough idea of what might be involved,
compare the Atari SCC drivers of 2.2.x with the current 2.4.30 one.

>From a quick glance, the struct m68k_serialswitch has to be replaced by a
struct real_driver. rs_receive_char is replaced by adding the char to a
flip buffer, and calling tty_flip_buffer_push(tty). m68k_register_serial
is replaced by tty_register_driver, and the generic serial driver info
needs to be filled in. Should not be too complicated.


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