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Re: Change in package architectures list.

> > However, if the buildd admins are willing to make sure that the
> > buildds have perhaps 1.5GB total (swap included) and are willing to
> > let the build run long enough to finish, then it should be possible to
> > restore m68k and arm support.
> It could be possible to build the package under aranym and/or distcc:
> If cc1 need 1Gb of RAM, setup distcc to a host with at least 1Gb of
> RAM. If ld need 1Gb of RAM, setup aranym with at least 1Gb of RAM.
> For arm qemu-system-arm might do the trick.

Right; I keep forgetting that. gcc is the problem here AFAIR. I wanted to
find a box to install and test distcc anyway :-)


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