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Re: [d-i] Testing daily image of d-i

> > The patch in question appears to be obsolete/520-53c7xx.diff in Geert's
> That's the (old) one in Linux/m68k CVS.


> > The old 520-53c7xx.diff would have to be changed to reflect the new dma
> > API. The 53c700 diff would have to be reconstructed from scratch, or
> > resubmitted by Richard if the attached 53700 patch doesn't work anymore.
> If Kars' 2.6.14 works fine, you may want to try:
>     m68k-generic-io.diff
>     m68k-mvme-scsi-rename.diff
>     m68k-53c700-scsi.diff
> These are for 2.6.19, but with minor changes (re-adding the pt_regs * argument
> to interrupt routines), it should apply to 2.6.18.

Oops - I admit I didn't look at the 2.6.19 diffs at all, rather worked my
way back to 2.6.14 ... I'll send a 2.6.18 version to Christian shortly.


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