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[d-i] Testing daily image of d-i


To whom it may be important: 

The current d-i daily build (2.6.17-2) doesn't boot on my Amiga 3000 (spice)
with the WarpEngine accel card. The reason is a kernel panic in the NCR scsi

Kars de Jonk ported the new version of the driver (or somewhat like this)
last year to the new ABI/API/whatever. His kernel 2.6.14 does work great on
that particular box and on my A4000T (which has the same chip onboard):

Linux vivaldi 2.6.14-m68k-amiga #10 Thu Dec 1 21:40:17 CET 2005 m68k

This means, that at least 3 m68k buildds aren't able to run newer kernels
with the stock Debian kernel. I think this is bad. 

Kars, Christian? Can you please work on intergrating the needed patches into
the Debian kernel source?

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