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testing the etch installer

has anybody tested the etch installer on m68k yet? I need to reinstall my
Falcon/CT60 and I thought I'd give it a try. The RC1 release of the
installer does not include any atari kernels, since we activated building
for atari only after RC1 was released, so I expected some troubles.

I downloaded the netinst CD image (debian-testing-m68k-netinst.iso) The
installer scripts are in install/tools and for the amiga users there even
.info files down to this directory. There is an amiga directory, but no
amiga.info file, that one seems to have been misplaced in the install
directory. The StartInstall files all contain this:
-k //kernels/vmlinuz-2.4.27-amiga
However, the CD image only contains vmlinuz-2.6.17-2-amiga for the amiga.
This needs to be adjusted. I have no idea if the StartInstall scripts for
the various graphic cards still work, the drivers are being removed from
linux 2.6.19 since they have been marked broken for a long time.

For the mac, there exists no directory in the install folder, ie no Penguin
boot loader, no bootargs, only the kernel image. Is this enough to boot a
mac with emile? I did not find emile on the image, though.

For the atari, nothing is on the image, but I hope atari will be included in
RC2, at least bootstr.app and a bootargs should be provided. I just used the
vmlinuz from linux-image-2.6.18-3-atari_2.6.18-6_m68k.deb, since the
ethernec driver is built in, but I haven't tested that image before. I am
using the following bootargs:
-s -d -k vmlinux -r initrd.gz root=/dev/ram video=atafb:sthigh console=tty devfsd=nomount load_ramdisk=1 debian-installer/framebuffer=false ramdisk_size=13000

With a 2.4.30 kernel, I can actually get the installer to start, however it
fails when trying to detect the network hardware, my 2.4.30 does not have
the EtherNEC driver (yet). 2.6.18 seems to boot also, but I get no readable
output on the display, which makes installing difficult. Am I missing a
magical option to enable graphics on my falcon? I should try to get a 2.4.30
kernel with built-in EtherNEC, I have my doubts that the atari can load
network drivers from a floppy.
2.6.18 does not include SCSI drivers, since they are (still) broken, so no
CD-Rom on my Atari and the MO drive won't work either. I could not copy the
contents of the netinst CD onto the IDE disk, TOS wanted to copy files which
are not present (Aa, Ab, ...), I was hoping I could install the Atari just
with the initrd and dowloading everything else from the net.


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