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Re: m68k not a release arch for etch; status in testing, future plans?

> > The suite itself? ftpmaster would make it, and a britney script would
> > be cronned to handle it. That shouldn't require any particular attention
> > though.
> > > > 	    + keeps the arch alive
> > > > 	    - some work to keep m68k-testing in sync with real testing needed
> > > Who's doing that work then?
> >
> > Hinting a new britney instance appropriately does require some time
> > though, and since m68k doesn't meet the release criteria, the release
> > team won't do that. If there's no one interested in doing it specifically
> > for m68k (and able to), no one will.
> I'd be willing to work on this, provided someone can give me some
> guidance (I've never touched britney hints).

Neither have I, of course :-) I'm glad you are offering to work on this as


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