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Re: m68k not a release arch for etch; status in testing, future plans?

Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> Are there stats about memory, disk, and CPU usage for the previous
> build, upon which you can base decisions about which buildd to use?

Not really.
Of course there are some lines about build times and disk usage in every
(successful) build log on buildd.debian.org.
Another resource can be http://www.buildd.net/ and its database. For
example, when you click on the name of the buildds, you'll get a page
for the buildd named vivaldi.
There you can see some information about the machine, like kernel
version, uptime, load average and memory usuage with two graphs showing
that usage for RAM and swap.
Below that you see the latest built packages with timestamp and duration
of the build.
Right now vivaldi is building xulrunner and you see on the graphs that
the machine is not swapping a lot, so the 128M RAM of vivaldi seems to
be enough for xulrunner.

What is missing on Buildd.Net is a nice graphing function that shows
this kind of information for each build, e.g. when you do a package
status search. The information is stored in the database, but the
frontend that pulls this data out of the DB and displays it on a nice
page is missing.

I implemented this function for Buildd.Net as part of what Multibuild
was intended to do (http://www.buildd.net/files/Multibuild-Draft.pdf),
but sadly development of multibuild got stuck.
Basically you can't make such decisions when the wanna-build DB and the
buildd.net DB are seperated, but it was the intention of multibuild to
collect as much data as possible about the build process and base upon
that the decision what package will be distributed to which buildd to
ensure a short build time and to build packages in order of

But of course this would be nice to have. Maybe someone is interested in
reviving multibuild to make happen? ;)

Ciao...        //
      Ingo   \X/

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