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benchmark between aranym and crest

Hello Debian M68k,

I have made a very small benchmark of aranym and crest:
Here the results:

The host is a Pentium 4 at 3.20GHz with 1Gb RAM.
aranym version is 0.9.4beta-3

The benchmark has been run three time on each hardware.

host-i386:  host running debian-i386
host-amd64: host running debian-amd64
crest: crest.debian.org, 68060 at 50MHz
aranym-i386: aranym running on debian-i386
aranym-amd64: aranym running on debian-amd64

wget   : downloading a 2Mb tarball with wget
tar zxf: unpacking a 2Mb tarball
rm -r  : deleting the tree in the tarball
MPQS   : number crunching+file access
galois : number crunching+data handling

              wget     tar zxf   rm -r      MPQS      galois
host-i386     3.313s    0.371s  0.036s     249 ms.     93 ms.
host-i386     6.022s    0.209s  0.020s     248 ms.     93 ms.
host-i386     2.795s    0.211s  0.021s     252 ms.     91 ms.
host-amd64    3.552s    0.354s  0.047s     267 ms.     87 ms.
host-amd64    2.756s    0.204s  0.033s     262 ms.     84 ms.
host-amd64    2.819s    0.216s  0.020s     264 ms.     82 ms.
crest         5.325s   26.827s  3.693s  28,160 ms. 10,850 ms.
crest         5.152s   26.538s  4.015s  29,070 ms. 10,940 ms.
crest         5.215s   24.745s  3.687s  28,590 ms. 10,750 ms.
aranym-i386  26.820s   98.640s  8.550s  68,700 ms. 32,290 ms.
aranym-i386  14.290s   96.580s  9.040s  68,280 ms. 32,770 ms.
aranym-i386  10.590s   97.200s  9.660s  69,250 ms. 32,410 ms.
aranym-amd64 13.940s  110.160s 10.230s  66,910 ms. 31,420 ms.
aranym-amd64 10.240s  106.880s 10.010s  67,260 ms. 31,080 ms.
aranym-amd64 11.820s  110.810s  9.880s  68,390 ms. 31,580 ms.

So we see that aranym-amd64 and aranym-i386 are about the same 
speed, that crest is between 3 and 4 times faster and that the
host is between 250 and 400 times faster.

On the positive side, the host is not particularly fast by 
today standard, so I would expect aranym performance on current 
i386/amd64 type hardware to be close to crest.

The benchmark performed is below (it requires the pari-gp
package:) (pari.tgz is pari_2.3.1.orig.tar.gz in Debian)

#! /bin/sh
time wget -q pari.math.u-bordeaux.fr/pub/pari/unix/pari.tgz
time tar zxf pari.tgz
time rm -r pari-2.3.1
rm pari.tgz
printf "factor(2^128+1);\n##" | gp -q -test
printf "galoisinit(x^54+796392*x^36+292918032*x^18+1259712,50477919552);\n##" |
gp -q -test

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large red swirl here. 

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