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Re: [PATCH] m68k Atari: experimental atafb support

> > characters get smeared across different color planes. Problem is, I still
> > haven't fully grokked the pixel format :-(
> ?

Meaning I have no documentation on the pixel format other than the old
fbcon_iplan2p* files. These use a different screen addressing system
(character based, not pixel based). If you don't properly align the start
address for pixel writes, you get to see the same character printed twice
in different colors, with an offset of two characters. Just try it out :-)

> BTW, I am pushing my aranym debian maintainer to upload new version of
> ARAnyM to unstable in this very moment. This 0.9.4beta is the one that
> runs linux-m68k well and also reboots itself without crashing :-) Hoping

That's good to hear - I was wondering if some of my display problems might
be emulator bugs, but that seems quite unlikely.

> that it will help the m68k debian port to return back to 1st class
> archs :-)

Well, in theory any interested developer could test and build his/her
package on aranym. I still haven't run any hard benchmarks so it's hard to
tell how much faster a CT60 would be :-)


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