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Re: [PATCH] m68k Atari: experimental atafb support

Michael Schmitz píše v Po 25. 09. 2006 v 18:36 +0200:
> > BTW, I am pushing my aranym debian maintainer to upload new version of
> > ARAnyM to unstable in this very moment. This 0.9.4beta is the one that
> > runs linux-m68k well and also reboots itself without crashing :-) Hoping
> That's good to hear

It's been uploaded on Friday midninght but appeared in unstable this

> I was wondering if some of my display problems might
> be emulator bugs, but that seems quite unlikely.

I am not sure if we emulate all the fine scrolling techniques but some
games and demos run so it shouldn't be too buggy ;-)

> Well, in theory any interested developer could test and build his/her
> package on aranym. I still haven't run any hard benchmarks so it's hard to
> tell how much faster a CT60 would be :-)

Standa (one of core ARAnyM developers) told me earlier today that he
would now focus on writing ARAnyM drivers for linux-m68k so we hope to
get ARAnyM running faster than CT60 in the end :-) The IDE emulation is
slow, we'll want to avoid it ASAP... And then the framebuffer could be
mapped directly to host - or even X11 via OpenGL acceleration :-)


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