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Re: [buildd] buildd's running 2.2.x?

> > > Nice. Is the keyboard working as well or is this kernel actually usable on
> > > the majority of our macs?
> >
> > I just tried -9 on my C650 and touching a key kills everything. The 6.1
> > kernel you built works great. I'm rather hoping to get network-console
> > in d-i working this week.
> On my box, the date gets set to Sep 2, 1938 by ntpdate. hwclock segfaults.
> Quite messy.

On more careful checking, ntpdate seems to achieve perfectly nothing at
all (other than reporting the time received from the time server). ntp
sees the clock skew grow above the critcal limit of 1000 seconds when
heavy disk activity is going on. I've hacked a combination of ntpdate -q
and date --set to force adjustment of the time every 15 minutes as before,
and keep ntp running in the meantime. That seems to keep buildd happy...

I had to give back a number of packages that got refused by the archive
installer because of the invalid date. Hope it keeps up OK now.


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