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Re: debian-68k on two macs

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006, Brian Morris wrote:

> anyway, putting sarge on the lcIII it took a full 8 hours, that is for 
> the absolute base minimum. should it have taken that long ? how much 
> faster would it be if i added the fpu ?

Not a lot faster if it is paging to disk during the install. I haven't 
used the sarge installer, but I recall that others reported even longer 
installs on macs without sufficient memory. I gather that installing with 
64 MB is OK.

> II) of course i wanted to get the 540 going. one thing i did here 
> unorthodox perhaps. i use the 540 in powerbook disk mode as external 
> disk to the lcIII and i put sarge on that. I know, i have been told that 
> sarge, or at least 2.2 kernels won't run on 540.
> note i have cd-1 of both sarge and etch-beta, got about two weeks ago. 
> also i found the recent update by reading the list here that you had 
> gotten 2.6.17 kernel and i downloaded that. but i have lost any links i 
> might have had to recent successes with 500 series powerbook except for 
> the emile home page which shows a 520c booting.

You'll probably do better with the 2.2 kernel than 2.6 on the lc. But if 
you do try to boot 2.6.17, I'd be curious to hear the results.

As for the 540, the problem is the 68LC040. There was a thread on this 
problem (and 5xx powerbooks) a year or so ago on this list or the 
linux-m68k list. From that discussion I think we concluded that you must 
either disable swap, or else have a machine completely free of FPU 
instructions (e.g. a kernel configured with CONFIG_M68KFPU_EMU_ONLY, and 
userspace built with -msoft-float). But I don't know if anyone ever put 
that to the test.


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