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Re: debian-68k on two macs

Brian Morris wrote:
hi, i have just put Sarge on an old mac performa450 (lcIII),
has 36MB ram and 68030 CPU with no FPU.

my goal is to get debian installed and running on a powerbook540c.
(my experience: i have been running debian for about 6months on
two powermacs, both sarge and etch, one is a stock early '97 and the other
a souped up 2000; before that i worked with BSD Unix some years and
other things, but the  last few years the old mac os, and no programming
for a long time although some admin stuffs)

i thought someone had got that going this year but i may have been
dreaming, anyway i picked up one with 36MB Ram at a yard sale recently,
for $20. i also have a 520c that i have had for a couple years running
macos, but it only had 20MB ram. there seem to be some difference
besides speed and memory between the two, for instance on program
i had for macos that would crash predictably seems to run ok on the 540
but not on either of the other two.

anyway, putting sarge on the lcIII it took a full 8 hours, that is for
the absolute base minimum. should it have taken that long ? how much
faster would it be
if i added the fpu ?
I recall the install time (base system) on a 2ci was around 4-5 hours - there isn't a whole lot you can do other than fit a mac mini into the case ;-)


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