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Re: [buildd] Etch?

On Fri, Aug 04, 2006 at 01:43:46AM +1000, Finn Thain wrote:
> I may be able help with some compute cycles, as I've just obtained a 
> Quadra 840AV.

My buildds have been idle for a while, but there were lots of dependency
problems. I had about a dozen xfce packages that would not build, and it
seems to boil down to this:

 libgtk2.0-dev: Depends: libgtk2.0-0 (= 2.8.18-1)

whereas some other gtk2.0 package wants 2.8.18-6, but this package is not
available for m68k. I have no idea why. Another problem is this:

 kdelibs4-dev: Depends: kdelibs4c2a (= 4:3.5.3-1) but it is not going to be installed

More CPU power is good, but unsatisfiable build-deps or broken binutils are
the bigger problem. I don't think binutils are that bad, but I did not check
for a while.


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