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linux 2.6.17

linux-image 2.6.17 for m68k is now in the archive. From this release on I
only build (official) images for amiga and mac, and these images were built
natively on my amiga to fix the headers problem. But it seems this is not
needed anymore, since there is a new package, linux-kbuild, which includes
the binaries that used to be in the headers. Building modules packages
should work now, when building with 2.6.17, d-i should remove all subarches
except amiga and mac, so we can become a release architecture again. I will
build unofficial images for the "non-supported" arches, and as soon as we
have confirmation, that 2.6.x actually works on them, they will be included
again in the official linux-images.

Building on the amiga took nearly 48h, so it is about 24h per subarch. 
A native build for all 9 m68k subarches would take over a week, which
could get us in severe trouble. but thanks to the new linux-kbuild, I can
continue with cross-builds and we should be right on track for being a
release arch, kernel wise.


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