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Pb with linux-image-2.6.16-2-amiga_2.6.16-14_m68k.deb


I was trying to install 

and I get some errors :
 dpkg -i linux-image-2.6.16-2-amiga_2.6.16-14_m68k.deb
(Reading database ... 45997 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace linux-image-2.6.16-2-amiga 2.6.16-14 (using
linux-image-2.6.16-2-amiga_2.6.16-14_m68k.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement linux-image-2.6.16-2-amiga ...
Setting up linux-image-2.6.16-2-amiga (2.6.16-14) ...

 Hmm. The package shipped with a symbolic
link /lib/modules/2.6.16-2-amiga/source
 However, I can not read the target: No such file or directory
 Therefore, I am deleting /lib/modules/2.6.16-2-amiga/source

Running depmod.
Finding valid ramdisk creators.
Using mkinitrd.yaird to build the ramdisk.
yaird error: Could not read output for /sbin/modprobe -v -n
--show-depends --set-version 2.6.16-2-amiga evdev (fatal)
mkinitrd.yaird failed to create initrd image.
Failed to create initrd image.
dpkg: error processing linux-image-2.6.16-2-amiga (--install):
 subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 9
Errors were encountered while processing:

When I try to execute the offending command I get :

a2000:/var/tmp#  /sbin/modprobe -v -n --show-depends --set-version
2.6.16-2-amiga evdev
FATAL: Module evdev not found.

How to repair/bypass that error ?


JP Pozzi

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