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Macintosh Quadra 650 free to a good linux- or debian-m68k or -mac68k home


I can't make/find the time to spend on linux-m(ac)68k and/or debian-m(ac)68k anymore. And that was the sole purpose to keep my Quadra650. So, I have, for an interested Linux and/or Debian m68k or maxc68k developer/tester:

- Quadra 650 without CD drive and without internal HD (see below),
	but with:
	- 68040 CPU
	- 52 Mb RAM
- Monitor
- Keyboard
- AAUI slot with AAUI to UTP (RJ45) convertor.
- Second NIC: CNet Technology, CN420MAC II/E, in Nubus slot D.
- Mouse
- HP Scanjet 3p
- Connectix QuickCam (black and white webcam) to connect to a
	serial port.
- HiPer Drive disk-tower with:
	- 4 512Mb disks (scsi) with:
		- MacOS and swap (/dev/sdd)
		- one Debian/GNU Linux (woody) (/dev/sda)
		- two disks used to do debian-installer-tests
			and kernel-tests.
	- HP SureStore CD burner that does not burn anymore
		(gets to hot) but reads drive OK.
	- Archive Python 28388 tape-streamer (also known as
		Connor CTD4004RS). Uses DDS. No tapes included.
- additional SCSI disks:
	- 1x 1Gb (used up until 1 year ago)
	- 1x 540 Mb (maybe broken?)
- External removable drive from Microtech, which takes
	Syquest 44Mb cartridges.
- 8 cartridges for this drive with:
	- 1x MacOS 7.5.3
	- 1x Backup of MacOS harddisk, might not be current.
	- 2x assorted MacOS software.
	- 4x empty (I beleive).
- assorted SCSI cables to connect this all (and more).
- 1 Apple-monitor to VGA convertor I think only works in black
	and white (IIRC).
- Apple-monitor to VGA convertor I never got to work.
- 2 additional ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) cables for keyboard and mouse
- 1 Apple-serial to PC-serial cable very well suited for capturing
	serial-debug output from the kernel (before the framebuffer
	is initialized).
- all stuff for 220/240 V and 50 Hz where applicable. Some parts can maybe be switched to 110 and/or 60 Hz but I haven't checked it all.

At some time I did not use the machine for a few month and the PRAM battery started leaking. I've cleaned this up the mess but subsequently discovered that the internal part of the SCSI bus does not work anymore. I haven't figured out yet whether this is because some electrical tracks on the motherboard have been damaged or that the cable for the internal SCSI bus was damaged. Because the cable for the internal SCSI bus has no visible damaged I suspected the former, and because the tower, removable and scanner make you have more than 8 SCSI devices, I did not investigate this any further but just used the disks from the tower.

Because all this stuff is quite heavy I think shipping will be a problem (cost wise). If you are willing to pay for shipping that's OK. Or if you can pick it up, that's great to. Also, if you live at a reasonable distance from my location (The Hague, the Netherlands) I am willing to bring it all over. Reasonable being a maximum of about 3-4 hours one-way trip.


P.S. I have a detailed (dutch) document describing the hardware. Please sent a private mail it you interested.

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