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Coldfire Linux

Hey guys,

I'm trying to bootstrap linux on my coldfire (Logic M584litekit eval

So far I have the linux kernel up and running, a full gcc cross compiler
suite working and a busy box system up and running on the kernel.

The very next step for me is to get gcc/glibc working on the device,
however all of the binaries I try to produce with the gcc I built for
the CF come back bus error.  For now I give up.

I wonder if anyone on the list has a bootstrap for coldfire with gcc
3.4.x and -mcfv4e support.  It'd be nice to just skip this step
entirely ;)

It's important to me to build a FULL linux developer system out of the
coldfire system itself rather than do the traditional cross compiler
thing and I think most people on list can agree with that sentiment.


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