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[D-I] Please update your packages for Beta2 release

(BCC to Stephen Marenka as principal d-i porter for m68k)

As you may know we are currently preparing the Beta2 release [1] for 
Debian Installer.

Could you please take a look at the issues below for m68k:
- it looks like the kernel udebs for 2.4 have not yet been rebuilt against
  the latest 2.4.27 kernel (the security update)
- the 2.6 kernel udebs contain 2.6.12 and should be updated to 2.6.15;
  this change will also mean related changes elsewhere in d-i
- vmelilo-installer has minor changes and a lot of translation updates;
  these should be checked and uploaded
- base-installer's kernel/m68k.sh still refers to 2.6.8 and does not yet
  support the name change to linux-image; we can help with changing this
  if needed

If anything else needs to be done or if you need help with these issues, 
please let me know.

Frans Pop

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/01/msg00559.html

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