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Re: About Amiga Debian

On Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 12:43:41PM +0300, nzabrod wrote:
> First af all, I should thank everyone, who helped me to work out PCMCIA NIC problem. 
> Thank you very much for your help and support. 
> Thank you for wasting electrical power, spent time,  and spare (?) CPU cycles for me =).
> The next question =), it's really Amiga-related. I'd like to make boot process more unattended, but I really afraid of using amiga-lilo. I've got 30 gb HDD with 300 mb amiga os partition - the rest one is for linux. I don't know the mechanism of amiga-lilo and don't want to destroy my system via RDB crash or something.
> Does anyone know, maybe amiboot has switches, that disable asking to "press any key" ? It's better to put it into startup sequence. Is there any AREXX-script to insert into startup-sequence, which will send keys to amiboot automatically ?

Try passing --help to amiboot, you should get something like this (I grabbed
this from the binary, since I am running linux):

Basic options:
    -h, --help           Display this usage information
    -k, --kernel file    Use kernel image `file' (default is `vmlinux')
    -r, --ramdisk file   Use ramdisk image `file'
Advanced options:
    -d, --debug          Enable debug mode
    -b, --baud speed     Set the serial port speed (default is 9600)
    -m, --memfile file   Use memory file `file'
    -v, --keep-video     Don't reset the video mode
    -t, --model id       Set the Amiga model to `id'
    -p, --processor cfm  Set the processor type to `cfm'

Your startinstall script, at least the ones used during installation, use
the -d option. Just remove it, and it will boot without waiting for a

I don't boot linux from the startup sequence, makes it a little difficult to
swap the kernel, if you don't react in time. Instead I use some tool I forgot
the name of which allows me to map programs to certain keys, so I have a
shortcut which starts the zshell. In the zshell I have aliases that boot all
kinds of kernels I want to experiment with. amiga-lilo would be great, but I
never got it to work on an 68060, and it is no fun, when your bootblock
causes a guru meditation...


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