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About Amiga Debian

First af all, I should thank everyone, who helped me to work out PCMCIA NIC problem. 
Thank you very much for your help and support. 
Thank you for wasting electrical power, spent time,  and spare (?) CPU cycles for me =).
The next question =), it's really Amiga-related. I'd like to make boot process more unattended, but I really afraid of using amiga-lilo. I've got 30 gb HDD with 300 mb amiga os partition - the rest one is for linux. I don't know the mechanism of amiga-lilo and don't want to destroy my system via RDB crash or something.
Does anyone know, maybe amiboot has switches, that disable asking to "press any key" ? It's better to put it into startup sequence. Is there any AREXX-script to insert into startup-sequence, which will send keys to amiboot automatically ?

Best Regards
Nikolay O. Zabrodotskiy        

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