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Re: no luck with parted

Petr Stehlik píše v Čt 20. 10. 2005 v 17:31 +0200:
> > > ext2.c:64: error: unable to find a register to spill in class
> > > `DATA_REGS'
> > Ouch!!!
> > This looks like a bug in GCC?
> only until someone with sarge-m68k proves that he/she compiled it just
> fine.

Unfortunately, you will have to ignore all my previous reports. I have
rebooted the system and the compilation continued until it died on
another file with ICE. So ARAnyM is not perfect yet, it seems. Wish I
knew how to debug it. It must be something very little since otherwise
the machine has been rock solid (linux-68k much more stable than on my
Falcon, I would say).


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