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xdm will not open display


I have been updating my Debian Woody system to Sar and I am having a 
problem with the X window system.  I have the system configured so that 
X will come on at boot time and give a log in window.  I also have a 
stand-alone X Terminal which I want to be able to use.  I had both items 
working properly under Woody.

Sticking with getting X working on the console.  I have upgraded all the 
X related packages to their Sarge versions.  My system is an Amiga 2000 
with GVP 030 board with SCSI controller and 16M RAM.  The video is via 
an EGS spectrum card (cirrus logic chipset).

My xdm.log file had the following after a boot:
Wed Aug 17 00:16:42 2005 xdm error (pid 2084): hung in XOpenDisplay(:0), aborting
Wed Aug 17 00:16:42 2005 xdm error (pid 2084): server open failed for :0, giving up
Wed Aug 17 00:16:42 2005 xdm error (pid 1455): display :0 cannot be opened
Wed Aug 17 00:16:42 2005 xdm error (pid 1455): display :0 is being disabled

Under Woody, I recall using the gdm display manager instead of xdm, but 
went back to xdm with the Sarge upgrade.  Note that these errors come 
right at the beginning of the processing of the XF86Config-4, the log 
file does not show any processing before these error lines, just the 
comment that it is opening the file.

If I run X by iteself, as root: X -ac, for example, I will get an X 
display and X cursor, but no log in window.

I have been fighting this issue for the past couple of months now, 
hunting through the FAQ's and other documentation.  I thought I would 
just ask here if anyone else has X working on Sarge with a cirrus logic 
chipset frame buffer card (like an EGS Spectrum, among others).  Or to 
confirm that I am running into a known problem, or perhaps someone has 
seen this before and already knows the solution?

My system otherwise works, I am doing this email on it via a telnet 


LanceTag at Luminet dot net

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