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Re: d-i testing pre-rc3

Petr Stehlik píše v St 16. 03. 2005 v 17:08 +0100:

> Then I tried it with vmlinuz-2.2.25-atari and initrd22.gz (again
> from /install/cdrom/):
> the hw-detect module reported a bunch of missing modules (ide family)
> and then simply printed "CDROM-mount failed". 

I've studied the error messages more closely and realized that it was
missing a /dev/cdroms/* file. The whole /dev/cdroms folder is missing
actually. So I did

mkdir /dev/cdroms
cd /dev/cdroms
ln -s /dev/hdb cdrom0

and the installation is running like a charm. I suppose the commands
above wouldn't be necessary if the hw-detect module detected the cd-rom
properly. And I guess the hw-detect wouldn't fail if it either loaded
the ide- modules or was told that everything is in the kernel and there
is no need to give up if modules can't be loaded.


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