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Re: creating a linux partition on a mac hard disc, questions about penguin, installer problems

Success! Sarge is commanding an old IIci

To answer some questions:
- MacOS can be installed with the emulator BasilsikII without a floppy or cd 
- when using a kernel with a not matching ram disk it looks like 
- my graphic card runs in Linux without a problem (model is something with 

The installation did not finish correctly, there was a warning with mounting 
or unmountig partitions. Not to be sure what to do (and needed sleep), I 
switched to the console and used the "poweroff" command. The installation did 
not come to the part where to set the root password and create a user.
Next time I booted in MacOS, I was able to boot with Penguin into the new 
installed Linux  (the root password is just pressing return). When in the 
system, everything seems to be OK. Need to play a little bit more with it 
before knowing this. Unfortunately I did not test the network (one terminator 
is missing) .

Thanks to everybody who helped!

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