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Re: Why has mysql-dfsg_4.0.22-2 not been uploaded & installed yet? (maybe-successful build)

Christian Hammers wrote:

mysql-server & co from the mysql-dfsg source package seems to be stuck

http://buildd.debian.org/build.php?arch=m68k&pkg=mysql-dfsg says it was build maybe-successful, http://people.debian.org/~igloo/status.php?email=ch%40debian.org
says it has even been uploaded,
says Why is package X not in testing yet?
  Checking mysql-dfsg
    * trying to update mysql-dfsg from 4.0.21-7 to 4.0.22-2 (candidate is 9
days old) * mysql-dfsg is not yet built on m68k: 4.0.21-7 vs 4.0.22-2
As it's a medium prio package, it should have gone in days before.
The status has been this way since 2-3 days...

Any idea whom to contact and ask?



P.S.: Please CC me, I'm not subscribed to the m68k list.

Please at least cc this to m68k-build@nocrew.org, as that is/was the official m68k-builders list. The list debian-(m)68k@lists.debian.org is the debian-m68k users forum.

HTH, Erik
Erik C.J. Laan				elaan at dds.nl
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