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Re: testing kernel-image 2.6.8-amgia

On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Storm66 wrote:

> Le mar 31/08/2004 à 23:03, Christian T. Steigies a écrit :
> > On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 10:07:13PM +0200, Storm66 wrote:
> > >
> > > I had (and have) keyboard issue on A2000 with
> > > If the keyboard was working I would say that everything seems OK.
> >
> > So maybe I should upload 2.6 kernel-images? I mean, who needs a keyboard
> > with an m68k machine when you can log in via ssh ;-)
> >
> > Christian
> A keyboard is nice ... and useful ... when the network goes away ...
> it is like a life jacket.

The serial console can also serve as a life jacket. You would typically
add the argument "console=ttyS0,9600n8" to the kernel commmand line, but I
recommend that you use minicom to make sure that both machines are
correctly connected (with a null modem cable) before attempting this. And
you need a kernel with the serial console support built in.


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