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Re: light weight desktop for browsing

On Wed, 25 Aug 2004, Christian T. Steigies wrote:
> I am using fvwm on my 2GHz Athlon and P4 machines with 1GB RAM each. Do you
> have to switch to a memory wasting wm once you have a faster machine? fvwm
> rocks, unfortunately the current version in testing does not like my config
> anymore that I started writing 10 years ago. So maybe I have to switch to

Yeah, I started using fvwm about 10 years ago as well ;-)

> gnome, which already can do a few things, that fvwm can do, or start reading
> about what changed in the new versions. Until I decide, I am keeping an old
> fvwm version around.

I used fvwm for many years as well. A few years ago, I wanted to start using
GNOME, but I couldn't stand any GNOME-compatible window manager for longer than
a few minutes (except for icewm, which could keep me unfrustrated for about an
hour or so ;-) Then sawmill^H^H^H^Hfish arrived, I switched over, and I'm still
a happy user.

So even if you don't want to use GNOME, if you're used to fvwm, and want to
start using a different window manager, you may like sawfish.



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