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Re: kernel-image-2.6.7


I manage to compile from CVS, I launch it with "console=tty0",
never used before without any problems and it works ! I compile most of
the functions I use in the kernel (not as modules).
The result are :
- a nice login on the console, 
- a network networking with full functions on,
- the gateway is OK.
I test nfs links --> OK
Samba --> OK
telnet --> OK (so I can get a working keyboard)
ntp-server works
The ext3 filesystem seems OK
The main problem is the keyboard as it does not work at all with the kernel (was also not working in 2.6.7).
The same keyboard works (doo noooot tyyype speeeedlyyy, I am 20 a 20
years old keyboard) under AmigaOS, under 2.4.27 (and others before).
Tux is horrible on the start screen, poor animal !
The start infos are a little scrambled on the screen, some appearing on
the first line of the screen (with no scroll) while others are appearing
at the bottom scrolling the screen, is it a mix between the console=tty0
and the "standard" output ?

For the CV64/3D I have one working (with a nice Tux on start screen),
and with some guidance I can try to correct the "virgefb" problem.
I look at the errors and a little bit in the code, most of the problems
seems related to the "fb_info" structure (changed?).
I am not so good in C (I was better in Cobol twenty years ago) and
mostly use now SQL... , shell and other Unix tools, but I can repair
old programs.

Thanks for your help.

PS :
I look the sarge install procedure for my A4000, but I didn't find the
start programs (StarInstall...) in Debian's ftp server, only kernel and
ramdisk for initrd. If somebody has some ideas on the effective process
I will test it asap.

Re PS:
This message flows through an A2000 running uptime 58 minutes.


Storm66 <storm66@club-internet.fr>

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