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Mac ESP SCSI driver workaround

When booting 2.6 kernels on my Q650, I've also noticed the same SCSI
trouble that Dana Sibera reported--


I don't see unexpected IRQ's, but the rest of the driver output on the
console is similar. The gist is

aborting command
current command pphase<freeing> cphase<clueless>
aborting command
current command pphase<unissued> cphase<unissued>
resetting scsi bus

At which point the boot hangs.

The workaround I use is to power up the scsi drive containing the root
filesystem immediately after telling Penguin to "Boot now". (I boot mac os
from the internal drive and use an external linux root disk.) I've just
confirmed that this works with

I suspect the key is that the apple drivers are not being loaded. Maybe
it would be worth repartitioning using mac-fdisk instead of apple's hd
setup. Do any debian m68k installers use this method?


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