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Quadra 700 install problem (sarge RC1)

After having successfully installed sarge RC1 on Q800, Q660AV and an
earlier TC on Q840AV, I'm having trouble installing the same RC1 on
Quadra 700. The box has 20M of RAM only. The HDD is the same 3.2G that I
used successfully in Q800 and Q600AV.

Basically, kernel and initrd load. Last thing I see is messages about
userdevfs successfully doing its thing. Then the screen goes black and
the cursor flashes at the lower left corner. On other machines, a
language selection menu is displayed shortly after that. On Q700,
nothing happens, I left it in this state for overnight to be sure.

VT2 displays "Please press Enter..." and pressing Enter does nothing.
VT3 is empty, VT4 contains last lines about starting debian-installer on
vc/1 and tail commands on vc/3 and vc/4.

First time I tried, I got slightly different behaviour too - after
pressing some keys (don't remember what but it might have been trying
Ctrl-Alt-Del and Ctlr-Apple-Del), VT2 displayed the "Please press
Enter..." again and VT1 displayed a note about shell syntax error about
some '[' construct. I can't reproduce this behaviour any more.

Meelis Roos

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