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Re: Pre-compiled for VME box?

On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 09:05:34PM -0700, Bill Janssen wrote:
> I have a VME box with a MVME 162-222 and a MVME 320B-1. The 162 I
> know something about but I know very little about the 320B.
> The 162 does not have disk support so the 320B would have to provide
> the disk interface.
> Does the Debian distribution for the 162 have the "smarts" to interface 
> with the 320 card?

That would be the kernel. I'm not sure whether it supports it, but I
suspect it does.

> I am not a programmer but have a little experience with Sun Solarus,
> on a Sparc 20, which I now have networked and on the web.
> I would like to see this equipment have an OS of some kind that I could 
> afford.

I've got an mvme167 which is running Debian as well. If you want to
install sarge, I've put a (semi-working) installer image up at
http://users.pandora.be/wouter.verhelst/mvme16x-install.tgz. Install a
tftpd on one of your other boxen, untar that tarball in its export
directory, and on the vme's firmware, run 'niot' to point it to that
box. You'll need to set the Client IP Address, the Server IP Address,
the Subnet IP Address Mask, the Boot File Name (to 'tftplilo.mvme'), the
Argument File Name (to 'tftplilo.conf'), and say 'Y' to 'Update
Non-Volatile RAM?'. Use 'nbo' to boot the installer.

Known bugs: 
* fully automatic partitioning will select ext3 as its file system,
  which isn't supported by the 2.2 kernels.
* vmelilo-installer is broken; it can't install vmelilo.

These can be worked around by not using the fully automatic installer
option (instead, manually create partitions), and by rebooting with
tftplilo (but using the argument of 'root=' to point to where you've
installed Debian). You can then install vmelilo by using 'apt-get
install vmelilo', and configuring it (/etc/vmelilo.conf, run 'vmelilo'

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