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Re: mount loop0 fails on Amiga 4000 install

On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 01:34:58AM +0100, Sarah wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm installing debian woody on my Amiga 4000 but the install freezes
> when install the kernel and drivers.  Apparently it is:
>     "Installing drivers from 
>     /instmnt/disks/woody/main/disks-m68k/current/amiga/drivers.tgz..."
> On tty3 it says:
>     Aug 13 00:58:35 (none) user.info dbootstrap[57]: loop: can't get info on
>     device /dev/loop0: No such device or address.
> However all the loops devices are there and read/writeable in /dev and
> is listed in /proc/devices.
> The following..
>     mount -o loop=/dev/loop0 root.bin /mnt
> fails with..
>     mount: Mounting root.bin on /mnt failed: Block device required.
> Why can't it mount loop? Is this what really causes the install to hang? No
> I'm not just really impatient while waiting for drivers.tgz to unpack,
> it unpacks the kernel which is about half the size in about 4 secs.

You need to ungzip root.bin before you can loop mount it.

I otherwise haven't looked at boot-floppies (woody's installer) for
quite a while.

If you feel like testing the new sarge installer it, please check out
<http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/>. We're testing a release
candidate and it really needs some amiga testing.



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