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mount loop0 fails on Amiga 4000 install


I'm installing debian woody on my Amiga 4000 but the install freezes
when install the kernel and drivers.  Apparently it is:
    "Installing drivers from 

On tty3 it says:
    Aug 13 00:58:35 (none) user.info dbootstrap[57]: loop: can't get info on
    device /dev/loop0: No such device or address.

However all the loops devices are there and read/writeable in /dev and
is listed in /proc/devices.

The following..
    mount -o loop=/dev/loop0 root.bin /mnt
fails with..
    mount: Mounting root.bin on /mnt failed: Block device required.

Why can't it mount loop? Is this what really causes the install to hang? No
I'm not just really impatient while waiting for drivers.tgz to unpack,
it unpacks the kernel which is about half the size in about 4 secs.


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