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Re: m68k und ipv6?

Hi Christian,

Am Sa, den 14.08.2004 schrieb Christian T. Steigies um 11:33:
> On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 10:50:46AM +0200, Kilian Krause wrote:
> > 
> > now that i have a somewhat working setup up and running, i've tried to
> > play around with it. Loading the ipv6 module seems to work ok and i can
> > assign addresses to eth0. Yet any attempt to use them fails. I cannot
> > even ping6 to any host. Suggestions what's going wrong? (Yes, the ipv6
> > is working with all other hosts in the lan)
> Wow, you are really testing the system. 

I would even more, if i'd get my prompt back in less than 10min after
hitting enter *g*

> I have never used IPv6 myself, and I
> don't remember hearing that anybody on m68k tried it.

too bad. IPv6 rulez ;)

>  If you find modules
> missing from IPv6, please tell me what to add. I just activated everything I
> found useful, but some things from the iptables sections might be missing.

usually it's plain "modprobe ipv6" and off you go. That's why i'm
wondering. All the ipchains lists ACCEPT so it's no blocked proto
aparently. I wish i knew where it leaves off. If however i get my ipv4
connectivity issue solved, maybe the ipv6 will be fixed alongside it.

Btw. i have put the 10Mbit hub, but no change.

> One question, how does using IPv6 give you a public IP? Can I have one too?

IPv6 has 128Bit of address space. Thus you don't need to put that much
local adresses anymore (especially no NAT with it). So, as my hosts have
an IP address from my prefix, they're globally available even though
they're behind IPv4 NAT. That'd offer me the chance to use some external
shell to connect to the ipv6-ready sshd of SID on the m68k box, and
hopefully gaining enough latency to make it work. Yet until i can't get
the IPv6 to work, i'm somewhat stuck without ssh. *g*

You can have IPv6 through many tunnel brokers (or you can ask me for
some test prefix through my infrastructure if you're planning to be
having much traffic). If you want more details, i guess we can (and
should) discuss this off-list. Just a few names of tunnel brokers for
the archive: Sixxs.net, Space.net, JOIN.uni-muenster.de, freenet6..

Best regards,

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