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Re: kernel-image-2.6.7

I can't really help you with the SCSI messages yet, but I see something

Unexpected IRQ 3 on device 00000000

This means that there is no handler installed for autovector interrupt
level 3. According to arch/m68k/mac/macints.c this could either have

1) VIA or RBV macs: unused (?)
2) OSS macs: Nubus interrupt
3) PSC macs: PSC level 3 - slot 0: MACE

I have no idea if your Quadra 605 is either of these, or if this list is

Could you send the output of "cat /proc/interrupts" from your 2.2

Certainly - though the same Unexpected IRQ 3 comes up throughout the boot with the earlier working kernels, until klogd starts up. I had this appearing for a while and couldn't find answers on what it was for, and it didn't seem to cause harm, so I changed kernel logging options in /etc/init.d/klogd to KLOGD="-2 -c 4", which hid the messages. The Quadra 605 ran as a webserver for a year, rock solidly.

Here are the interrupts as they appear under the working kernel (2.2.19, not 2.2.20 as I wrote before).

$ cat /proc/interrupts
auto  0:          0   spurious int
auto  1:      47552 L VIA1 Dispatch
auto  2:       8236 L VIA2 Dispatch
auto  3:         54   int3 handler
auto  4:          0 L SCC Dispatch
auto  5:          0   int5 handler
auto  6:          0   int6 handler
auto  7:          0 L NMI
via1  9:      19150   console/cursor
via1 10:       1622   adb CUDA interrupt
via1 14:      29947   timer
via2 17:      47703 F Nubus Dispatch
via2 19:       8085   Mac ESP SCSI
 scc 33:          0   SCC A
 scc 34:          0   SCC B
nbus 61:        151   sonic

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