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Re: Debian Sarge Installation Manual

V Čt, 05. 08. 2004 v 15:51, Richard Zidlicky píše:
> > Maybe if we
> > loaded it at one place in FastRAM but passed different values to the
> > kernel that would match the linux PMMU setup it could work?
> Allocate fastram, get the physical address of every allocated page
> (ptestr on 68040, plpar on 68060)

I wrote code for testing the MMU setup under TOS back in April 1999 but
didn't get to including it into bootstrap up until today.

My main problem was that I was absolutely sure the mapping of FastRAM on
AfterBurner040 was 1:1. My fault! In fact, there is a small area
reserved at the beginning of FastRAM for TOS ROM copy so there is a
small offset between the physical and virtual addresses.

As soon as I discovered this it was easy to modify the memptr of
bootstrap and so now I am happy to tell you that even with 4 MB of
ST-RAM it is possible to boot Woody's 7 MB ramdisk!

There is another small issue with the bootstrap but I feel like opening
new thread with correct subject would be better. Tired of crossposting I
am wondering what list is more appropriate - whether linux-m68k (they
have CVS m68kboot) or debian-m68k (they have a separate package

Please note that the Sarge's d-i still doesn't boot due to "Kernel
panic: Attempted to kill init!"


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