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Re: Atari bootstrap

V St, 04. 08. 2004 v 16:15, Andreas Schwab píše:
> > What does it mean when the /dev/console cannot be open?
> The message is printed in init/main.c:init(), just before /sbin/init is
> executed, and means that fds 0/1/2 remain closed.

I can see the open("/dev/console") in init() but I am wondering what
opening /dev/console represents internally. Is this going down to IKBD
(keyboard) and VIDEL (graphics) routines where it checks the state of
the keyboard, graphics card and monitor, for example?

> Without any information about why it fails initially 

What can I do for obtaining more information in this case? Should I
start writing 'ls' code that would make sure the /dev/console special
file is available in the unpacked ramdisk? Or can you please suggest
what function in kernel is called when the console is to be opened? I
don't mean the 'open' routine of filesystem but rather the console code
itself (that I hope is called in an init like function).


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