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Re: No Key Repeat in X

On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 06:51:35AM -0500, Joel Ewy wrote:
> 	A few days ago I did a fresh install of Debian stable (still Woody
> I believe) via the Internet.  The machine is a Macintosh Quadra 840AV w/
> 128M RAM, ~230M drive for MacOS, 4G drive for Linux.  The install went
> smoothly -- of course I had to consult the archives of this list to
> re-learn how to get the keyboard mappings correct, but that's sorted out.

Yes, stable is still woody at the moment. There are a few people working
on the new sarge installer for m68k.

> 	The problem I'm having now is that I have no key repeat in X.  It
> works fine in the console.  I can hold down a key and fill the screen
> with identical characters, then hold the backspace (marked delete) key
> and wipe them all out.  Doesn't work in X.  No keys repeat.  One other
> keyboard glitch that might shed some light is that I have to press
> "Caps Lock" three times to get it to return to lowercase.  The first
> press apparently does nothing.  With the second press, the "Caps Lock"
> LED goes off, and with the third it finally turns off caps lock.  

My guess is that the caps lock thing is due to confusion over the fact
that some ADB keyboards have hardware locking caps lock, and don't
handle release events as expected. There have been various hacks to
try to get around that. Do you have a different keyboard you could try?

For the key repeat in X, someone else will have to help out. I'm pretty
sure that it's something configurable there, but I don't know enough to
tell you which settings control that.

> 	I've scoured the archives for several days now but couldn't find
> this exact problem.  I'm sure I've missed it somewhere, but I can't
> figure out where.  Any ideas?  This is stock Debian stable.  Since I
> have repeat in the console I don't suspect a kernel problem.

For this, there may be some informative stuff in archives of ppc lists,
particularly if you can find one that is mostly for PowerMac stuff.

	Brad Boyer

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