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No Key Repeat in X

Ok, so nobody else is having this problem?  What am I doing wrong?  Someone suggested after my previous post a few weeks ago that I try a different ADB keyboard, so I put one of those little keyboards with hardware caps-lock and no function keys on and got the same results:  holding down a key in the console results in a repeated character, but keys never repeat in X regardless of the setting (or commenting out) of the AutoRepeat option in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4, and caps-lock comes on with a press of the caps-lock key but takes three more presses to shut off.  (Q840av w/Woody installed straight off the Internet.)
So if nobody else is having this kind of problem I must have hit some really peculiar bug in X or something.  Am I using a version of X nobody else is running on a Mac?  Anybody have any ideas about where to start debugging this thing?  I've looked at xev, and it tells me when I press and release keys, but doesn't show any automatic press/release events when I am holding a key down.  On an x86 system I have here holding down a key in xev generates a string of press and release events.  I don't know much about the structure of the X window system, but obviously key repeat is generated at a level below the level of the events that xev watches.  Since I have key repeat in the console I'm assuming the problem is not at the level of the kernel.  Is this a fairly safe assumption?

Joel Ewy
jce-m68k ~at~ swbell ~dot~ net

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